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Engineering and Economics Department specialists have experience in the following infrastructure projects:

Development of financial and economic feasibility study and tender documentation for the open tender

for the right to enter into long-term agreement for the reconstruction of a subsequent operation on a fee basis of the road

Engineering and Economics Department specialists

Implementation of economic research for the project: "Construction of transport passage through the Strait"

Development of financial and economic feasibility study and tender documentation

for the open tender for the right to enter into an investment agreement

Carrying out technological and price audit of the project

Preparation of technical proposals as part of the tender bid for the construction

Сomputer vision

We offer software for security, public safety, retail, advanced driver assistance and other applications.
In addition to products development consulting and custom development services upon request.

­ People counting
­ Heat maps
­ Consumer behavior analysis
­ Queue detection
­ POS monitoring
­ Security
­ Motion detection
­ People detection and tracking
­ Face detection
­ Fall detection
­ Left object detection
­ Wrong way detection
­ Intrusion detection
­ Loitering detection
­ Fight detection
­ Detection of people running
­ Crowd detection

­ Fire and smoke detection
­ Camera tampering detection
­ Face recognition
­ License plate recognition
­ Advanced driver assistance
­ Driver drowsiness detection
­ Pedestrian detection
­ Lane detection
­ Traffic signs detection and recognition
­ Automated inspection

Our QD technology enables you to
reduce waiting time and increase
customer loyalty by allocating more
points of sales, when queues length
exceeds some level.

POS monitoring
­ record and validate transactions
­ validate cashier work hours
Camera tampering detection
­ cover detection
­ spray and defocus detection
­ signal loss detection
Video synopsis
Face Recognition
­ access control
­ black list
­ face log
­ database search and indexing

Super resolution
Stereo vision
Aerial images processing
­ buildings detection
­ trees and grass detection
­ water detection
­ undeveloped land detection
Automatic inspection

Our destinations

Connected travel management - An ideal experience At Every Connection

Engineering and technical direction:

Engineering and technical direction:

Development of feasibility studies and concepts of development of roads and other projects of transport infrastructure; Technological and price audit of investment projects of the transport sector; Development of technical part of tender documentation and projects (PPP);

Engineering and technical support of the tender procedures for investment projects;
Organizational and technical consulting members of the investment market;
Development of normative and methodological documents of the transport industry.

Economic Influences:

Economic Influences:

Calculation and justification of capital and operating costs (maintenance, repair, overhaul) of roads, artificial structures, the system of charging (SVP) and an automated traffic management system (ATMS);

Development of tariff policies for the toll infrastructure;
Macroeconomic studies on the gravity of the region, the forecast development of the region;
Transport and economic characteristics of the gravitational region.


Company ASGVisum

Computer vision company are one of the world's leading providers of video analytics and machine vision software for industrial, security, retail, banking and automotive markets.

Company A + S

Transfer of German technologies in the field of transport planning and master planning, their localization and adaptation to the conditions of the CIS countries. In addition, A + S performs the full range of transport planning, modeling, designing of road infrastructure, as well as a comprehensive visualization. A + S is the exclusive supplier and developer of the leading software products in the field of transport modelirovaniyai design.

Company Roadroid

Road damages create comfort-, environmental- and security problems. Existing measurement technologies are very expensive and can only be used rarely. With smartphones you can measure often or in remote areas. Web service provides a comprehensive public view. You can monitor details, export IRI-files and produce statistics as well as look at GPS-photos. The Roadroids app is using the built-in vibration sensor in a smartphone, and is classify the road condition with a regular car. The phones GPS connect the data to the road network.

 ASGVisum  Roadroid transparent smartmicro     APLUSS


Sorb Group portfolio covers every stage of the travel experience:

  • Journey management, with multi-channel options for reviewing options, making informed decisions, buying in advance and accessing real-time information on the move
  • Ticketing and settlement, giving operators integrated solutions for automated payment, revenue collection, distribution between multiple companies accurately and efficiently
  • Operational management, enabling transport businesses to reach new levels of efficiency in everything from route planning to capacity, crew and value chain management

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  • Relevance
    Relevance The travel options keep growing while the need for integration and seamless connections becomes more urgent.
  • Strategy
    Strategy Sorb Group connected travel management strategy is built around passengers and based on a deep understanding of commercial realities for transport companies.
  • Services
    Services We are committed to passenger satisfaction and to operator profitability.To find out more about our integrated portfolio for travel and transport, contact us and get connected today.
  • Decision
    Decision Sorb Group has an integrated vision for complex transport environments, keeping the traffic, goods and people flowing freely at every connection.